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My Approach

I work with people who usually are in distress or something in their current life has become too difficult to deal with on their own. Sometimes this can happen if there is ongoing or unresolved trauma or they are trying to cope with complex grief following a significant loss in their lives.

My own personal experience of therapy has shown me how the therapeutic relationship can help with individual healing.


I see personal struggles as necessary complications of living for us to adapt to, or come to terms with, rather than problems to be fixed.


I am able to provide a confidential, non-judgmental space to work through issues that might be causing an individual to suffer from anxiety and depression, or maybe struggle to find meaning in their lives.

The integrative approach allows me to work in a collaborative way with my clients. What this means in real terms is that we do the work together. Exploring and making sense of the past can often be useful in making sense of our lived experience in the present. 


Such a collaborative process of reflection allows us to re-visit significant, often painful, life experiences, so that we can work through them and create the possibility to tolerate intense emotional experiences which may have been too painful to acknowledge before.

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